National classification opportunity

Athletics Australia are conducting a national classification opportunity for athletes with a physical impairment at the 2015 Australian Primary School Sports Australia athletics championships in Woden Park, Australian Capital Territory and the 2015 Australian all schools athletics championships in Melbourne.

What does this mean?

This means that any athlete who requires classification regardless of their place of residence is eligible to attend these classification sessions.

How do I know if I need to attend classification?

Please check the Athletics Australia master list for Para-athletics to view your current classification. Please click here to view the master list. If you are a provisional review, national review or national review 2015 you will be required to have your classification reviewed by 31/12/2015.

Do I need to have a national level classification to compete at the state championships?

No you do not need a national level classification to compete at your state championships, a provisional classification is OK for all state level competition. An athlete can progress through to the Australian championships on a provisional classification and then attend the classification opportunity at the Australian championships to obtain a national level classification prior to the athletes first event.

How do I register for the classifications?

Classification is a free service and to register for one of the national classification opportunities please register via the links below;

Please click here to register for the Australian PSSA national classification opportunity, Woden Park, ACT

Please click here to register for the Australian all schools national classification opportunity – Lakeside Stadium, VIC

What do I need to do once I have registered for the classification?

Once you have registered for the classification, please complete the attached medical diagnostics form and return it to at least two weeks prior to the classification opportunity. An Athletics Australia staff member will get in touch with you and provide information regarding your appointment time and any other relevant information.