How to contact and provide feedback to AV

Below is a complete list of contact points for members and the general public to contact AV Staff regarding all areas of the business.

Contact Athletics Victoria

Postal: Athletics House, Level 1, 31 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, VIC, 3206
Phone: 61  3 8646 4500
Staff: Staff Profiles (webpage)
Web: Contact Us (webpage)
Social Media: Facebook – Contact Us and Twitter Direct Message

Summer Competition:
Phone: 61 3 8646 4500
For AV Shield:
For all other Summer Comp:

Winter Competition:
Phone:  61 8646 4500
For XCR  (including Schools):

Teams: (all Victorian based teams)
Phone:  61 3 8646 4500

Season Review:


  1. Participate in the Annual Summer Season Survey issued by Athletics Victoria
  2. Participate in your Zone Review for the Summer Season. Each Club has a representative on the Zone Committee and can submit recommendations/suggestions.
  3. There are two representatives from each Zone that constitute the AV Shield Committee. At the conclusion of each summer season, the Shield committee will meet to provide feedback.
  4. Email/write to the AV Shield Committee directly at


  1. Participate in the Annual Winter Season Survey issued by Athletics Victoria
  2. Provide comments/feedback/suggestions to