UPDATE: AV Shield Round 7 Cancelled

The 5am forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology confirms extreme conditions (high temps) this Saturday across Victoria.

With tempretures exceeding 38 degrees, the extreme heat policy is in place and the assessment is a very high risk to athletes, officials, and club helpers in all regions.

Rescheduling and/or changes to the program or the provision of shelter/water etc is not an option based on the forecast on the day, and the preceding high temperatures forecast for the previous day.

As a result, AV Shield Round 7 this Saturday 19 December will be cancelled.

At this stage no decision has been made to reschedule the competition to another time as a points scoring round.

We already have a full calendar and to reschedule will mean a weeknight or twilight event. Further discussion will occur on this in the AV Shield Committee.

Eligibility for the AV Shield final will not be affected.