Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay

Victoria’s best distance runners are hitting the Surf Coast for Athletics Victoria’s Ekiden Relays on Saturday the 15th of August. Geelong’s team, including Craig Mottram, Nick Wightman & Julian Spence, will be looking for a big win on home soil.

The term ‘Ekiden’ originated in Japan, although the concept of a long distance relay race is not unique to any country. The first ‘Ekiden’ race was run over three days between the old Japanese capital of Kyoto and the modern capital of Tokyo, a distance of 508 km, to celebrate the anniversary of the moving of the capital to Tokyo. As written in Japanese, ‘Ekiden’ combines the characters for “station” and “transmit”. The original concept of the race hearkens back to Japan’s old communication and transportation system in which stations were posted at intervals along the road. In the race, each runner on a team runs the distance from one “station” to the next, and then hands off to the next runner. The 2015 season will see the reintroduction of the Ekiden relay to the XCR’15 series with Anglesea playing host to this beautiful course and scenic terrain.


We need your help to keep runners on course. Twenty-five marshals are required from 11.30am in Anglesea for around 2 to 3.5 hours depending upon location. You will be guaranteed great racing as well as thank you rewards, courtesy of the Geelong team. If you are available to help, please let us know as soon as possible.

Key points: