2015/16 Membership changes

With a new season beckoning and the start of another exciting XCR Series ahead; please see below the changes to membership prices for 2015/16.

The delay in communication was partly due to the confirmation of government grants Athletics Victoria had applied for.

The Athletics Victoria Board has approved an increase in membership fees of $7 for each category. All ticket entry prices for both XCR and Track & Field will remain unchanged.






U18 / U20



U16 / U14



Rec Runner















The reasons behind the increase relate to the following:

  • Access to Government funding and grants have diminished;
  • Insurance costs have increased by 2.5%;
  • Facility hire costs have increased for both XCR and T&F events. While AV is located at Lakeside Stadium we are a tenant and are still required to hire the track and equipment for each event from stadium management – State Sport Centres Trust ;
  • Continual investment in IT support such as online member and club portals; online entry system, AV website and AV rankings, and;
  • Improvement in the delivery and experience of all events managed by AV including event presentation, athlete experience and results.

One factor that has influenced the need to increase membership fees is the effect of “Moving Athletics Forward” which was a significant program through government grants that allowed AV to expand, introduce new products and staff and keep fees consistent during that period.

With the end of the grant in 2012/2013 the expectation for products and service delivery remains and with a challenging sponsorship market, some of the costs needed to be funded from an increase in membership fees.

President Ian Jones in his News from the Board confirmed that we are looking to end the financial year as predicted with a small deficit. With impending increases already identified across a number of business costs next season, the Board has been very conscious of ensuring that only part of those increases are passed onto members while alternative strategies and targets will be required to be fulfilled by the team at AV.

The new revenue strategies – some of which we have already launched include:

  • Recruitment of members from the Recreational Running space through the Victorian Running Network;
  • Identification of corporate sponsorship opportunities;
  • Value in kind programs where benefits are returned directly to Clubs such as the PowerShop offer in the AV Virtual Membership Bag ($75 payment to clubs for members moving to PowerShop);
  • Marketing and communication of our products and services into schools and other local communities;
  • Supporting our Clubs with the Club Connect programs which provide assistance to build club culture, market and grow membership, and;
  • New participation programs.

As has been the case, all memberships for the 2015/2016 season will be made online via the member/club portal. While providing this information today, I hope that there will be sufficient time now for Clubs to set their own club fees which will be incorporated into the online system.

Can you please provide any changes to your club fees to kirby@athsvic.org.au by Thursday 19 March 2015; AV will be opening the 2015/16 season to members on Friday 20 March.

A reminder to all Clubs that any paper forms, membership or event entries received by AV will be charged a $10 administration fee. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kirby Ellis Club Development Manager or Emma Manks Membership Services Coordinator on 03 8646 4500.

If you have any questions about the changes don’t hesitate to contact Athletics Victoria on (03) 8646 4500 or email info@athsvic.org.au