Victorian Officials Awards / Rewards Function

The Victorian Officials Awards / Rewards function was conducted Sunday 20 July in the Cathy Freeman room.  This special thank you luncheon for our Officials had the festive theme of Christmas in July and all those in attendance certainly had a wonderful time.

An important part of this event is to announce and present our awards for the past season.

This season the Victorian Officials Committee introduced Officials awards from each Zone / Region and a special certificate was awarded to those in attendance.

Congratulations to:

Red Zone: Tony Williams

Blue Zone: Ian Morehouse

Yellow Zone: Ian Upton

White Zone: Jenny Harris

Ballarat Region: Caitlin Christie

Bendigo Region: Wolf Heiden

Geelong Region: Alan Hawkins

Western Country Region: Carlene Dowies

Southern Metro Region: Murray Smith

Northern Country Region: Cheryl Geraghty

Northern Metro Region: John Mills

Western Metro Region: Chris Larkins

Gippsland Country Region: Stuart Merrick

Eastern Metro Region: Narelle Scott

Back Row – Ian Morehouse, John Mills

Front Row – Tony Williams, Cheryl Geraghty, Anna Spillane and Andrew Stirling

The highlight of the day was the major awards of Male / Female Official of the Year along with the Rookie of the Year – again Male and Female.

The Rookie award is made to the Official who, in the Victorian Officials selection Committee opinion, has made an outstanding contribution to the sport in their early years of officiating.

This year’s recipients have shown great enthusiasm in officiating at a number of levels at both State and national levels.

Female Rookie – Anna Spillane

Male Rookie – Andrew Stirling

The Official of the year is awarded to two Officials who have made an outstanding contribution to Athletics through officiating in this state.  They are designated Male and Female Official of the year.  The award is only given to Officials who have given a significant amount of time to officiating and the award is the Victorian Officials Committee’s way of recognizing this

The Female Official of the Year was awarded to Jenny Harris (Unfortunately Jenny was not in attendance as she was away on holidays in QLD).

The Male Official of the Year was awarded to Tony Williams

Congratulations to all of our award winners, very truly deserved.

Andrew Stirling, Tony Williams and Anna Spillane

Service badges are awarded every 5 years to recognize the efforts of our officials. With the Victorian Officials venture, Officials who have officiated at Little Athletic Events over the years were asked to fill out the Years of Service paperwork those that did so were also recognised during the day.

Congratulations to the following Officials who reached various milestones in their Officiating careers in the past year.

5 Years

Sam Barbutto, Alan Bennie, Harold Boddy, Sherrie Boulter, Mark Cauchi, Mary Clough, Michael Colverd, Dylan Cooper, Tim Crosbie, Tony Dell, Kelvin Geraghty, David Green, Julie Green, Bob Hallett, Janice Hodgart, Kim John, John Killip, Terry Knape, Tony Leonard, Michael Lindstrom, Nicole Lopes, Danny Maher, Adam McCann, David Metherall, Tina Miller, Della Mulhall, Paul Olsson, Matt Owen, Caroline Peachey, Frank Peachey, William Pearce, Stephen Plumb, Kim Rowe, Anna Spillane, Lisa Thomas, Neville Warry, Tracy Wilson, Gary Wright.

10 Years

Phillip Allen, Gay Almond, Richie Almond, Maureen Austin, Tim Erickson, Joanne Lambert, Kathleen Marsh, Gary McBroom, Craig Spencer, Peter Westwood, Cheryl Geraghty, Wayne Killender, Chris Larkins, Steven Lopes, Graham Shaw

 15 Years

Graham Cole, Brian Delaney, David Long, Michelle McIntyre, Judith Wilmshurst

 20 Years

Vince Bunworth, Cheryl Duff, Neville Harris, Carolyn Scott, Carol Timmins, Rosalie Wilson

 25 Years

Ian Fisher, Gordon Major, Roderick Puls, Gwen Timmins, Jill Wallis, Pauline Zuccolin

 30 Years

Lawrie Barnett, Don Blyth, Irene Harris, Brian Williams, Aileen Zanelli

 35 Years

Bill McLennan, Pam Noden, Barbara Rumble

 40 Years

Brendan Ferrari, Elaine McLeod, Bruce Reynonds, Margaret Thompson

 45 Years

Patricia Robinson

The updating of the Service Awards is still a work in progress and will continue working on this throughout the year.  For those that still need to complete this task please send to Sally Koenitz –

Congratulations also to Michael Brazel who was awarded the LAVic Official of the Year award at the LAVic Gala Dinner on Saturday 12 July.