XCR’14 season launches in May

As the summer season draws to a close attention now turns to the roads and trails of Victoria for the XCR’14 season starting in early May.

Athletics Victoria doesn’t anticipate any further date or venue changes based on discussions with the relevant authorities and venue managers.

Since the release of the initial draft calendar there have been two major changes to the XCR’14 calendar for clubs and competitors to be aware of:

1. The Albert Park 10km Road Race moves from Sunday 1 June to Sunday 3 August

2. The Brimbank Park Cross Country event moves from Saturday 26 July to Saturday 31 May

Click here for full XCR’14 calendar



Saturday 3 May

XCR’14 Round 1 Cross Country Relay Championships, Jells Park

Saturday 10 May

XCR’14 Schools Cross Country Relays Championships, Jells Park

Saturday 17 May

XCR Round 2 Cross Country, Lardner Park

Saturday 31 May

XCR Round 3 Cross Country, Brimbank Park

Saturday 14 June

XCR Schools Road Relay Championships, Albert Park

Saturday 21 June

XCR Round 4 Cross Country & All Schools XC Championships, Bundoora Park

Saturday 12 July

XCR Round 5 Road Relay, Sandown Racecourse  

Sunday 3 August 2014

XCR Round 6 Road Race 10k, Albert Park

Saturday 16 August

XCR Round 7 Road Race 15k, Ballarat

Sunday 7 September

XCR Round 8 Half Marathon, Burnley

Saturday 20 September

XCR Round 9 Tan Relays, Kings Domain

The XCR’14 series will consist of nine events as in 2013. The Ekidan Race will again be rested in 2014 and it is hoped to return in 2015 based on promising discussions with a number of venue managers.

XCR’14 season will see the introduction of an Athletics Victoria Trail Racing Championship over 15km for Open competitors at the You Yangs on Sunday 20 July. 

This will not be part of the team or individual point scoring series, but will be considered a full championship event as was the recent Mountain Running Championship at Mt Buller.

Team Grading

A major revamp of the team grading has been undertaken in order to address the growing XCR competitor numbers, particularly in the female divisions, and to maintain a high standard at the top level of the competition. 

In summary the key changes for the XCR’14 season are:

  • Division 1 renamed “Premier Division” and the number of competing teams reduced to ten for both Men and Women
  • A fifth women’s division will be introduced
  • An increase in the number of women required for scoring teams
  • Premier Division = five scoring members
  • Divisions 2 and 3 = four scoring members
  • Divisions 4 and 5 = three scoring members

The full listing of team grading is attached. 

If clubs would like to submit a request for regrading, please contact 03 8646 4500 or alternatively email Athletics Victoria Competitions Manager ross@athsvic.org.au by Monday 17 April 2014.

Entry Information

Entry details are shown in the XCR’14 handbook – click here to view.

Please note in 2014 there will be NO LATE ENTRIES OR ENTRIES ON THE DAY.

Duty Roster

The Club Duty Roster has been prepared based on feedback from XCR’13 and the changes to participation trends at each of the clubs in recent years. 

We ask that clubs familiarise themselves with the roster and advise Officials Training & Accreditation Manager Andrea Hallett via email andrea@athsvic.org.au if they have any issues.