Summer Competition – What you need to know

With the first round of Summer competition starting soon, there is some important information for clubs and members that we wanted to make sure you are across for this season.

Shield Competition
–    Round 1 of AV Shield starts Saturday 11th October check your Shield venue timetable AV Shield Timetable
–    There are ten (10) Rounds of Shield with the Shield Final on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Lakeside.
–    Rounds 6, 9, and 10 of Shield are ‘Zone v Zone’ Rounds. It means you still compete for your club; earn points for your club, but you will compete at the same venue as   another Zone.
–    Zone v Zone competition (Rnds 6, 9 and 10) are National Permit Meets which means your performance may be considered for international events such as World Championships or World Youth Champs. Your performance at all Rounds of Shield and all of our Vic State Champ Meets can be used to qualify for National Championships.
–    REMINDER – some rules have changed and there are some new rules to consider. Please make sure you are familiar with these AV Shield Rules

AV Knockout
–    It’s a new age group based competition for this season and it might mean you need to hurdle or throw a different height or weight to get a time or distance to be eligible for Knockout.  You can throw or hurdle at a round of Shield so make sure you check with your Team Manager or the Competition Manager on the day – Knockout Rules

Registration with AV
–    You can register as a member with AV up to five (5) days before each Round of Shield. Don’t forget some rounds of Shield are on a Sunday or Tuesday so the last day you can register will change, but make sure you get in early to avoid any confusion.
–    If you are transferring to a new club or you are competing for your second claim club you have to make sure you meet the criteria to do so otherwise your points might not count. You can register online Member Login and follow the prompts.
–    If you are having any trouble at all with registering or you are not sure what to do give yourself plenty of time and call the AV Office on 86464500

When I compete
–    You must wear your club uniform which has already been approved by AV. You must also wear your AV bib numbers – one on the front and one on the back of your competition singlet or top. Our high jumpers and pole vaulters are only required to wear one (1) bib number on the front or back.
–    Non-registered athletes and officials must complete a Trialling Member Form which you can get from the Admin Team at your Shield Venue. You can compete up to two times as a trialling member before you are asked to join a club. Details of all trialling members will be provided to every Shield venue each week.

Best of luck for the upcoming season.