2014-15 AV Summer Season

The team at Athletics Victoria are pleased to announce a number of new and exciting concepts for the upcoming summer competition.

Last season Athletics Victoria invested in expanding the AV Shield competition with the creation of a fourth zone which provided increased capacity which allowed for the program to run to time; both comments high on the priority list for members at the end of the 2012/13 season.

To meet members objectives, Athletics Victoria also invested in human resources, equipment, and programs to improve its event-time experience and ensure the sustainability and growth of athletics in Victoria. This is a continuous objective and we have again sought feedback from all of our membership with some changes to our priorities.


Members asked for:

  • Consistent and improved competition
  • A clearer and more defined athlete pathway and
  • Opportunities for clubs to engage new members with strong and diverse products.

There has been a lot of consultation and discussion to create a structure that delivers on these objectives and a key pillar in Athletics Victoria’s overall business strategy is to develop sustainability and growth over the next three years.

This will  provide an athlete and competition pathway maximising a positive experience, opportunity and transition from grass roots to elite competition.

The pathway assists not only athlete’s development from club level to national competition but officials and coaching development and, helps drive our athlete development opportunities such as the Target Talent Program.

With strong investment in equipment throughout each zone, clubs will be better positioned and have access to provide competition opportunities at a club level along with AV Shield Zone vs. Zone rounds and Zone Final offering the opportunity to take part in sanctioned meets.

The introduction of new competition will add a fresh dynamic to the summer season. Linking to a performance ranking system that will drive club and athlete development complimenting competition.

The competition pathway is the key driving force of Athletics Victoria and with a new structure other areas such as community engagement, brand and innovation and learning/education will help drive this framework.

This will provide members with a streamlined product, value for money and a financial model that guarantees the sport remains sustainable while staying current and showing a proactive outlook on change for the better.

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