Powershop on board with Athletics Victoria clubs

Athletics Victoria is excited to announce it has extended its partnership with Powershop, Australia’s most revolutionary electricity retailers. This offer directly assists clubs financially so it’s a great way to save money and also support the club!

Powershop is not only going to save individuals and businesses hundreds of dollars on usage bills with its 100% online service, it will credit all Athletics Victoria members with $75 in personal power credit and donate $75 to their nominated athletics club.



Please visit the Athletics Victoria Powershop webpage to start the switch and to help your club:



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If you are interested please contact Will Hartley from Powershop on 03 8370 2159 or email will.hartley@powershop.com.au.

Destination Albany for Big V cross country stars

Athletics Victoria is pleased to announce 48 Big V junior athletes will fly the flag for Victoria at the Australian Cross Country Championships in Albany, Western Australia this August.

“The Athletics Victoria team, headlined by 2013 National medallists Jack Rayner and Amelia Mazza Downie, is stacked with talented distance runners from all across Victoria,” Nick Wall Athlete Development Manager said.

A wide cross section of athletes from country and metro make up the team with Ballarat and Geelong regions particularly well represented, making up 30% of the team.

Marcellin College, currently Victorian All Schools Cross Country & Road Relays champions proudly boasts three athletes.

Apart from the aforementioned trio, Victorian gold medallists James Stanley, Jack Davies and Charlotte Bassett are among those leading the charge for the Big V in Albany.

The Australian Cross Country Championships will take place on 23 August with close to 1,000 young athletes’ sets to take over the southern Western Australian city of Albany.

Albany sits 418km south of Perth and has a population just over 35,000 making it the sixth largest city in the state.

A senior team of 12 athletes will be announced next Wednesday 2 July with selectors finalising the team early next week. Nominations for this team close at 1pm, Friday 27 June.

For Schools Sports Victoria team please see linked PDF: https://www.ssv.vic.edu.au/TeamVic/Documents/SSV%2013%20-%2019%20years%20Cross%20Country%20State%20Team%202014.pdf

Full team:


Athlete School
Luke Padgham Catholic College Bendigo
Benjamin Powell Creek St Christian College
Caleb Hough Essendon Grammar
Archie Reid Echuca College
Jacob Bell St John Bosco’s
Harrison Van Duuren St Patricks Primary School


Alistair Strutt Wesley College
Kieran Hennig Gippsland Grammar


Athlete School
Lily Peacock Lilydale High School
Sophie McMinimee Bacchus Marsh Grammar
Alyssa Waugh Catholic College Sale
Erika Allen Gippsland Grammar
Brooke Mullins Mansfield
Oliva Hobbs Belmont High School


Amy Canavan Ballarat Grammar
Olivia Harper Ruyton Girls School


Athlete School
James Stanley Xavier College
Tim Caldwell Doncaster Secondary
Scott McKenzie Marcellin College
Aidan McCormack Marcellin College
Paris Street St Kevins College
Will Lindsay Trinity Grammar School


James Lightfoot Scotch College
Christian Nuzzo Xavier College


Athlete School
Amelia Mazza-Downie Maribyrnong College
Katie Webb St Columba’s College
Meaghan Gaunt Collingwood Harriers
Ella Wragg Ruyton Girls school
Jennifer Mendes Maribyrnong College
Meg Oakley-Kerr Wesley College


Emma Files Strathmore Secondary College


Athlete School
Benjamin Cox Marcellin College
Jack Van Stekelenburg Melbourne Grammar School
Daniel Dunstone Point Cook College
Lochlan Lyness Hallam Senior Secondary
Aran Brown Haileybury College
William Armstrong Haileybury College


Jacques Verstraten Independent
Ben Scala Xavier College


Athlete School
Charlotte Bassett Macrobertson Girls High School
Georgia Hansen Carey Baptist Grammar
Rachel Waters Geelong Grammar school
Emily Guy Loreto Toorak
Claudia O’Callaghan Ivanhoe Girls School
Chelsea Dutt Mentone Girls School


Bree Warren Haileybury College
Audrey Campton-Smith Ruyton Girls School


Athlete School
Jack Davies Eureka
Stewart McSweyn Eureka
Jack Rayner Western Athletics
Daniel Young Box Hill / Yarra Valley Grammar
Jack Holden St Kevins AAC
Mitchell Dyer Box Hill / Trinity Grammar School


Reily Shaw Deakin
Yohan Phillip Melbourne University


Athlete School
Molly Tilbrook Box Hill
Claudia Verstraten Athletics Chillwell / Scared Heart Geelong
Courney Scott Eureka
Sarah Waters Deakin
Elly Jackson Toorak College
Kaitlyn Egan Frankston


Katie Gamble Doncaster
Sarah Jackson Toorak College

OFFICIAL’S PROFILE – Caitlin Christie

Caitlin was born in Reading, England on 20th March 1991. Caitlin and her parents returned to Australia a year later to take up life in Ballarat, Victoria.

At the tender age of 5 Caitlin commenced athletics with Ballarat YCW Juniors on a Friday night in 1997. At the age of 8 she moved on to Ballarat Little Athletics on a Saturday morning. She competed at a local regional and state level being a key part of her age groups mixed medley relay team that won several state medals, as well as achieving great heights as a high jumper. Caitlin continued with LA’s up until the age of 15 when she transferred to Wendouree and took part in the local AV shield completion. Caitlin is still an active athlete enjoying High Jump, Triple Jump and Sprinting, all of which she partakes in at a local and state level.

In the last couple of years she has had a number of injuries and so Caitlin was approached by a local official to try undertaking some Level C Officiating courses. This gave her the opportunity to remain involved with a sport she loved whilst going through a long and difficult recuperation period.

Caitlin has gone on to complete her Level C Jumps, Throws, Track, Out of Stadium, Technical and Administration, as well as her Level B jumps, late last year.

This has meant that Caitlin has found another way to combine her passion for the sport of athletics by spending the next three years gaining as much experience as she can with a desire to represent Australia as an official at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast.


Through officiating Caitlin found another way to maintain her love of the sport but also meet other people with a similar passion who were able to share a different perspective of this sport. The National Open Titles in Melbourne this year has made Caitlin’s desire to be a part of the Commonwealth Games even stronger, especially when she now shares her interest in officiating in athletics with her mother and two old faces from the Little Athletics days Sarah and Emma Davis.

OFFICIAL’S PROFILE – Michael Lindstrom

Michael, a New Zealander, started athletics as an Under 6 and competed for 20 years. He was a contender to represent New Zealand at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in his favourite event (110 hurdles) but unfortunately became injured during the selection period.

Michael came to Australia, via the UK, where he lived and worked as a Project Manager/Engineer for 12 years. He originally settled in Sydney, where he worked on a number of venues in preparation for and during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Paralympics, before moving to Melbourne in 2001.

Michael became involved in athletics again when his daughter Hannah joined the Sandringham Little Athletics Centre. Like most parents, Michael became significantly involved as a parent helper. His enthusiasm and skills were soon recognised and he was appointed the Centre President, a position he held for 2 years.

Hannah moved on to senior athletics in 2007 joining the Sandringham Club, and has followed her father’s footsteps in becoming a very good hurdler and athlete. Michael joined the Sandringham Club Committee in 2009 and has been Club Secretary for the past 3 years.

Michael’s involvement as an official in senior athletics begun as a club helper at AV Shield. When AV introduced the Cred-Up and Cash Up officials program, Michael did his Level C exams in Track, Jumps and Throws. He followed this up by completing Level B Jumps in 2013.

For the past 2 seasons Michael has been heavily involved as an official, being appointed as an Event Supervisor in AV Shield in the renamed Blue Zone. He has been the chief in most of the jumping events and has also been the timekeeper at several meets. To gain added experience, Michael has officiated at the AV State Championships and has shown himself to be a very proficient official.

When asked about being an official, Michael indicated that it was an opportunity to meet and work with a band of enthusiastic and respected fellow colleagues and to continue to support the athletes as his way of giving something back to the sport that he loves.


Kirsteen Farrance – Myth or Fact #2

‘Is it IN or is it OUT?’

IAAF rules quoted below are from the IAAF Competition Rules 2014-2015


We have a lot of white lines in our sport. The most notable are the lines that mark the lanes on the track. However, there are also white lines out there for all field events, although some aren’t permanently marked on the ground.

So, what do these white lines mean? What are the rules that are associated with these white lines?


The white lines on a circular track are 5 cm wide. They mark the lanes and the start finish lines.

The distance you run is measured from the leading edge of the start line to the leading edge of the finish line. For example, if you stand at the start of the 100m, the leading edge is the very first edge of the line. That’s why you put your hands where you put your hands when you get down on the blocks or your toe in a distance race (IAAF Rule 162.3)!

Did you know that, when running in lanes, the white line on your inside (on your left) is not part of your lane? Only the white line on your outside (on your right) is part of your lane. That means you can run on the white lane on your right, but not on the one on your left! If you run on the line on your left on a bend you are deemed to have gained a material advantage as you have not covered the measured distance of the race.

The rule that can lead to the most disqualifications, and a lot of confusion, in a track event is IAAF Rule 163.3 – Lane Infringement.

It is a MYTH that athletes should ‘run on the line’ when running a bend. This will lead you to be DISQUALIFIED!

Rule 163.3 (a) states: ‘In all races run in lanes, each athlete shall keep within his allocated lane from start to finish. This shall apply to any portion of a race run in lanes.

163.3 (b) states in part ‘In all races (or part of any races) not run in lanes, an athlete running on the bend, ………, shall not step or run on or inside the curb or line marking the applicable border…..’

The rule then goes on to state: ‘Except as stated in Rule 163.4, if the Referee is satisfied, on report of a Judge or Umpire or otherwise, that an athlete has violated the Rule, he shall be disqualified’.

It is a strongly emphasised here that the rule does not state anything about the number of times an athlete’s foot strikes the inside line before they are disqualified or that the Umpire/Referee has to count the number of foot falls before an athlete is disqualified. If you run on the line and the Referee is satisfied you have violated Rule 163.3 (a), you will be disqualified!

Rule 163.3 must be read in conjunction with Rule 163.4 which states:

An athlete shall not be disqualified if he:

(a)   Is pushed or forced by another person or steps or runs outside his lane or on or inside the curb or line marking the applicable border, or

(b)   Steps or runs outside his lane in the straight, any straight part of the diversion from the track for the steeplechase water jump or outside the outer lane on the bend,

with no material advantage thereby gained and no other athlete being jostled or obstructed so as to impede his progress.

The added note explains what is deemed to be ‘material advantage’ which is improving your position by any means including removing yourself from a ‘boxed’ position in the race by having stepped or run inside the inside edge of the track

What about the Coloured Lines on the track?

Yes, there are lots of other coloured lines on the track! And, just to confuse you more, different colours can be used depending on the colour of your track! There are:

  • Seven different coloured markings for hurdle placements
  • A green and white line for the 800m start
  • The green breakline
  • Different coloured lines to define the relay changeover zones and acceleration zones for the different relays

The ones that have specific rules associated with them, which may result in an individual or a team being disqualified, that have not already been mentioned are:

The Green Breakline: IAAF Rule 163.5 states: ’….. the 800m event shall be run in lanes and far as the nearer edge of the breakline where athletes may leave their respective lanes’. If an athlete leaves their lane prior to the breakline, they will be disqualified!

Relay Markings: Whatever the colour of the markings that define the relay changeover zone, the IAAF rules that apply are:

  • Rule 170.7                                           Passing the baton for any relay race
  • Rule 170.8                                           Obstruction during relay races
  • Rule 170.18                                         Acceleration Zone
  • Rule 170.20 and 170.21                  Line up and position in the Changeover Zone

In the next edition, Part 2 of ‘Is it IN or is it OUT?’ will be Field Events


An Out of Stadia Level 1 Seminar was conducted by Gayle Anderson in early May, with two components being implemented Theory and Practical. The theory session was held in the Cathy Freeman Room and the practical session was held during the All Schools Relays event at Jells Park. Congratulations to the following participants that have now gained their qualifications:

Gordon Loughnan

Martyn Kibel

Rob Soar

Lorraine Sawyer

Robert Sawyer

Maria Strong

Carolyn Scott

Margaret Hunter

Sally Hockey

With the new AA Education program yet to be released, further education seminars will be finalised after the release. Planning is also underway to include seminars and workshops in additional areas such as Photo finish, Meet Manager and Technical. Dates and times will be advertised via email and on the Officials tab of both the LAVic and AV websites.

Weekend wrap: Victorian’s home and abroad

A quick wrap of weekend events and results for Victorian athletes competing at home and abroad.

XCR’14 Round 5 – Springvale, AUS

Athletics Victoria’s XCR’14 series headed to Sandown Race Course for the road relays, braving the cold and rain at times, Geelong (men) and Glenhuntly (women) won the Premier Divisions. Well-done to the 300 teams who made it another great day of racing.

Provisional results: http://athsvic.org.au/wp-content/uploads/XCR14-Rd-5-Sandown-Relays-Provisional-Results-12.7.pdf

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152326198262979.1073741898.8620997978&type=1

athsvicTV highlights: http://youtu.be/l2tlYsIVcx0?list=UUuvTqzxLHoLiBhWkoVIyl7g

Down Under Meet – Gold Coast, AUS

A number of Athletics Victoria Target Talent program athletes competed at the three day event on the Gold Coast including Youth Olympics bound Michael Mullett.

In preparation for this month’s Commonwealth Games Morgan Mitchell, Eleanor Patterson and Damien Birkinhead all had a final hit out on Australian soil before heading to Europe this week.

Full results: http://www.sportscredentials.com.au/docs/downunder.2014tfmm4results3col_final.pdf

Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10km – Sydney, AUS

Essendon athletics Liam Adam’s build up to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games marathon continued by winning the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10km ahead of fellow Glasgow marathon runner Martin Dent.

Three Victorian’s made up the top five in the men’s race with Reuben Kosgei (3rd) and David McNeill (4th).  While Pamela Chechumba finished third in the women’s event.

Report and results: http://sydneyharbour10k.com.au/News/ArtMID/1887/ArticleID/2534/Liam-Adams-and-Lauren-Hamilton-Win-Real-Insurance-Sydney-Harbour-10k

Sainsbury’s Glasgow Grand Prix – Glasgow, SCT

Victoria Mitchell lined up in the 3000m Steeplechase at the first major test event for the Commonwealth Games athletics venue. Mitchell finished 13th in a time of 9:49.29

Full results: http://www.diamondleague-glasgow.com/Live-StartlistsResults/Overview/3000m-Steeplechase/

Kortrijkse Guldensporenmeeting – Kortrijk, BEL

Geelong’s Jess Gulli got another run under her belt over the weekend:

Full results: http://guldensporen.weebly.com/result-2014.html

Klaverblad Arena Games – Hilversum, NED

Multi event athlete Steve Cain was in the Netherlands at the Klaverblad Arena Games competing in the Pole Vault and 110m hurdles. 

Full results: http://www.liveresults.nl/20140713/schedule.html

If you know of any Victorian’s competing home or abroad that we have missed please email the event and athletes name to media@athsvic.org.au


Australian Little Athletics Championships

Australian Little Athletics Championships – 3 May 2014

As part of Little Athletics Victoria’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, Victoria hosted the ALAC on Saturday 3 May and what an event we presented. For many it was a first time experience officiating at a national level competition. Adding in live streaming of the event, expectations were raised significantly and this proved to be very successful with many viewers watching from all over Australia. Being prepared for the specific tasks at hand, everyone worked together as a well-oiled team to present an extremely well conducted event, adding to the significant success of these Championships. Thanks to everyone who took part in this special event and we hope you all walked away with additional knowledge gained from the experience.

Victorian Officials are very versatile

Our Victorian Officials are very versatile indeed with two of our wonderful Officials offering to assist with a Guinness World Record attempt back in March. Derek Boyer (Fijian-Australian world champion powerlifter, professional strongman competitor and actor) requested two Timekeepers to assist his world record attempt where he successful lifted and carried 500kg on his shoulders for over 62 seconds. Well done Maureen Austin and Doreen Giannini for being the official Timekeepers for this special event.

Trio added to Big V team for Gold Coast Marathon

Athletics Victoria has included South Melbourne’s Rachel Spencer, Collingwood Harriers Sarah Martin and Diamond Valley’s Cameron Simon to the initial list of athletes announced last week to compete at the Australian Marathon Championships on the Gold Coast next month.

In conjunction with the Gold Coast Airport Marathon which holds IAAF Road Race Gold Label status this year’s edition is being touted as one of the fastest elite marathon fields ever assembled in Australia; including a contingent of Japanese runners headlined by last year’s winner Yuki Kawauchi and sub 2:08 marathon runner Arata Fujiwara.

Spencer, Martin and Simon will join Tarli Bird, Lee Troop, Stephen Dinneen and John Dutton to complete the Big V team.

For all athletes heading to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon please be aware that the Gold Coast Suns vs Collingwood AFL game is on the same weekend at Metricon Stadium so don’t forget to book your flights early so you don’t miss out flying directly into the Gold Coast.

Good luck to all Victorian’s heading north on July 6 for one of Australia’s premier marathons.

For more information on the Gold Coast Airport Marathon visit: www.goldcoastmarathon.com.au

Big V athletes head to Glasgow in record numbers

Twenty-nine Victorian athletes have been included in Australia’s largest ever track and field team to head overseas to compete in next month’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Second only to the team that competed at Melbourne in 2006 Athletics Australia and the Australian Commonwealth Games Committee today confirmed the final list of athletes to make it a total of 103 Australian’s heading to Glasgow.

Victorian 100m and 200m champions Joel Bee and Ashleigh Whittaker were among the names included.

Whittaker recorded a 23.40 ‘B’ qualifying standard in Fukuroi, Japan last month to join New South Wales’s Ella Nelson in the 200m and was also named as a member of 4x100m relay team alongside sprint queens Melissa Breen (ACT) and Sally Pearson (QLD).

Off the back of her first experience on a senior Australian team at the recent World Relays and winning the 4x400m B final Geelong’s Jess Gulli’s breakout season has seen here selected in the 4x400m relay team for Glasgow.

The Big V will be well represented in the middle distance events with Zoe Buckman, Kaila McKnight, and Melissa Duncan all named in the 1500m.

VIS athlete Alex Rowe and 2012 Olympian Kelly Hetherington have also been included in the team today to run the 800m.

Off a competitive summer in the men’s 800m Australia will be buoyed by having Knox’s Jeff Riseley, News South Wales Josh Ralph and Rowe lining up in Glasgow.

After a tense and close finishing Decathlon at the Australian Athletics Championships St Kevin’s Steve Cain will join New South Wales’s rising star Jake Stein in Scotland on his first Australian team.

It might have been a frustrating season for 110m hurdler Sam Baines that saw the Old Melburnians sprinter miss the national championships but selectors have shown faith in Baines after impressive runs in Sydney and Perth that included a ‘b’ qualifying standard of 13.69.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games will commence in Glasgow on Wednesday 23 July, with athletics competition set to commence at Hampden Park on Sunday 27 July. For more information on the event, please follow this link to the ACGA website or this link to the Glasgow 2014 home page.

2014 Commonwealth Games

23 July – 3 August 2014

Glasgow, Scotland

(Athletics: 27 July – 2 August)

Athletes listed in italics were officially selected on 9 April 2014, at the conclusion of the 92nd Australian Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games Selection Trials.

 MEN (50):

T37 100m: Sean Roberts (SA)

200m: Jarrod Geddes (NSW)

400m: Steven Solomon (NSW)

800m: Josh Ralph (NSW), Jeff Riseley (Vic), Alex Rowe (Vic)

1500m: Jeff Riseley (Vic), Ryan Gregson (NSW), Collis Birmingham (Vic)

T54 1500m: Richard Colman (Vic), Kurt Fearnley (NSW), Richard Nicholson (ACT)

5000m: Collis Birmingham (Vic), Ben St Lawrence (NSW)

10,000m:  Ben St Lawrence (NSW), Harry Summers (NSW), Chris Hamer (Vic)

Marathon: Martin Dent (ACT), Michael Shelley (Qld), Liam Adams (Vic)

110m hurdles: Nicholas Hough (NSW), Sam Baines (Vic)

400m hurdles: Ian Dewhurst (NSW), Tristan Thomas (Tas)

3000m steeplechase: James Nipperess (NSW)

High jump: Nik Bojic (Qld), Brandon Starc (NSW)

Pole vault: Joel Pocklington (Vic), Matt Boyd (Qld)

Long jump: Robbie Crowther (Qld), Henry Frayne (Qld), Fabrice Lapierre (NSW)

Shot put: Damien Birkinhead (Vic)

Discus throw: BennHarradine (Qld), Julian Wruck (Qld)

F42/44 discus throw: Paul Raison (SA), Don Elgin (Vic)

Hammer throw: Tim Driesen (Vic), Huw Peacock (Tas)

Javelin: Joshua Robinson (Qld), Hamish Peacock (Tas), Luke Cann (Vic)

Decathlon: Jake Stein (NSW), Stephen Cain (Vic)
4x100m relay: Tim Leathart (NSW), Jarrod Geddes (NSW), Jake Hammond (NSW), Alex Hartmann (Qld), Joel Bee (Vic), Jin Su Jung(NSW)

4x400m relay: Steven Solomon (NSW), Alex Beck (Qld), Craig Burns (Qld), Dylan Grant (Qld), John Steffensen (NSW), Tristan Thomas(Tas)

WOMEN (53):

100m: Sally Pearson (Qld), Melissa Breen (ACT)

200m: Ella Nelson (NSW), Ashleigh Whittaker (Vic)

400m: Morgan Mitchell (Vic), Anneliese Rubie (NSW)

800m: Brittany McGowan (Qld), Kelly Hetherington (Vic)

1500m: Zoe Buckman (Vic), Kaila McKnight (Vic), Melissa Duncan (Vic)

T54 1500m: Madison de Rozario (WA), Christie Dawes (NSW), Angela Ballard (NSW)

5,000m: Emily Brichacek (ACT), Eloise Wellings (NSW)

Marathon: Jess Trengove (SA), Melanie Panayiotou (Qld), Sarah Klein (Vic)

3000m steeplechase: Victoria Mitchell (Vic), Genevieve LaCaze (Qld), Madeline Heiner (NSW)

100m hurdles: Sally Pearson (Qld), Shannon McCann (WA), Michelle Jenneke (NSW)

400m hurdles: Lauren Wells (ACT), Lyndsay Pekin (WA)

High jump: Eleanor Patterson (Vic), Zoe Timmers (WA), Hannah Joye (Qld)

Pole vault: Liz Parnov (WA), Alana Boyd (Qld), Vicky Parnov (WA)

Long jump: Brooke Stratton (Vic),Jessica Penney (ACT), Margaret Gayen (SA)

T37/38 long jump: Jodi Elkington (NSW), Rae Anderson (NSW), Ella Pardy (WA)

Triple jump: Linda Leverton (Qld), Ellen Pettitt (Vic)

Shot put: Dani Samuels (NSW), Kim Mulhall (Vic)

Discus throw: Dani Samuels (NSW),Christie Chamberlain (NSW), Taryn Gollshewsky (Qld)

Hammer throw: Lara Neilsen (Qld), Gabrielle Neighbour (Vic)

Javelin: Kim Mickle (WA), Kathryn Mitchell (Vic), Kelsey-Lee Roberts (ACT)

Heptathlon: Sophie Stanwell (NSW)

4x100m relay: Sally Pearson (Qld), Melissa Breen (ACT), Ashleigh Whittaker (Vic), Ella Nelson (NSW), Margaret Gayen (SA), Michelle Cutmore (Qld)

4x400m relay: Morgan Mitchell (Vic), Anneleise Rubie (NSW), Caitlin Sargent (Qld), Lauren Wells (ACT), Lyndsay Pekin (WA), Jess Gulli (Vic)


The Athletics Australia Board of Directors advises that, other than injury replacements made under Commonwealth Games Federation rules, there will be no other changes to the team following this announcement. This means that, injuries aside, athletes will not be permitted to change events; they will not be added to an event should they or others subsequently achieve any combination of the ‘A’ or ‘B’ Standards; and relay runners will not be added to individual events if an opening becomes available.

Nikki Chapple (Vic, 10,000m) and LaraTamsett (NSW, 10,000m) withdrew their nomination for consideration for selection to the Australian athletics team for the Commonwealth Games.

Lakeside Stadium install new hammer cages

Please be aware of closures to the warm up track hammer cage and stadium hammer cage due to the installation of two new hammer cages.

Warm up hammer cage CLOSED due to installation of new hammer cage
Tuesday 10th June to Wednesday 18th June 2014
Re – open for casual use on Thursday 19th June 2014 from 9am.

Indoor hammer cage CLOSED due to installation of new hammer cage.
Friday 13th – June to Friday 27th June 2014

** Please note that there could be partial closes throughout the day of the warm up track area and scoreboard end of the stadium track throughout the dates advised, due to installation requirements**