Athletics Victoria 6 week membership challenge

To help promote athletics and boost club membership, Athletics Victoria’s 6 week membership challenge will offer a weekly prize to the ‘Club of the Week’ – included is a FREE Athletics Victoria membership to a new member for the 2013/14 season.

The ‘Club of the Week’ prize will be available to all Clubs that have 15 or more members at the start of each weekly prize period. This is in line with the minimum number of regional memberships required to be officially affiliated with Athletics Victoria.

Only one new membership is available to each Club throughout the six week promotion period.

Each week Athletics Victoria will record how many memberships each club registers and the club with the highest percentage will be named our ‘Club of the Week’.

Along with the ‘Club of the Week’ those clubs who register 5 or more Athletics Victoria members in the competition week will be acknowledged.

NB. There will be no $5 charge attached to the processing of winning applications. The FREE membership is for clubs to register an additional member; it cannot be applied to an already registered member. The prize cannot be carried forward to the 2014/15 season. The challenge will commence on Monday 4 November and conclude on Friday 13 December.

WEEK ONE WINNER – St Kevins Athletics Club
Honourable mention – Ringwood Athletics Club, Geelong Guild Athletics Club and Wodonga Athletics Club

WEEK TWO WINNER – Old Melburnians Athletics Club
Honourable mention – Athletics Essendon, Frankston Athletics Club, Old Xaverians Athletics Club, South Melbourne Athletics Club, Geelong Guild Athletics Club, East Melbourne Harriers Athletics Club

WEEK THREE WINNER –  Ivanhoe Harriers Athletics Club
Honourable mention – Diamond Valley Athletics Club, Old Xaverians Athletics Club, Bendigo Harriers Athletics Club and Old Melburnians Athletics Club

WEEK FOUR WINNER – Deakin Athletics Club
Honourable mention – Border Track & Field Athletics Club

WEEK FIVE WINNER – South Coast Athletics Club
Honourable mention – Old Melburnians

WEEK SIX WINNER – Gippsland Athletics Club

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